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There is always something keeping me busy or planning.  Always learning.

Return to the shack.

Back from a tour of France.  Beautiful country and friendly Amateurs.  I was invited to two separate clubs.  Being contacted after my new FTM-400XDE was active on APRS. 

I am looking into setting up and running an APRS digipeater & i-gate.  Something to keep me busy through the winter months

New Log

After a spilt coffee and loss of old log.  I have opted for a journal type log.  Great purchase from a well known auction site.  I am very happy with how it is going.  It is all duplication.  Scratch pad and HRD, all transcribed into the journal which includes thought, observations and musings from each time in the shack.  Still need to Tidy and finalise the desk.  Getting there though.

Family Rig!!!

Now the whole family is licenced, M7OLO, M7XEL & M6NLQ.

And Kirsty M7OLO is getting into the hobby chasing SOTA.  Now seems the time to start with a 2M rig in the kitchen area.

2m Slim- Jim

This simple project I am glad I tried.

I found it at

This is a surprisingly easy and effective build.

It is a must try!

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